Jorge Merlet

  • Address Cassan, bâtiment C, étage 5, porte 518-516, case courrier 24, 7 quai Saint Bernard, 75 252 PARIS CEDEX
  • Telephone number 01 44 27 34 10
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Jorge is a researcher in the lab with a permanent Associate Professor position (Maître de Conférence) at Sorbonne University. Since his PhD, he is interested in biological questions related to germ cells development. After his PhD on mice, he switched to C. elegans system model and never stopped enjoying it since. What he most like is to use imaging, molecular biology and biochemistry technics to tackle the biological questions he wants to solve. Currently, Jorge is working to understand the molecular mechanisms allowing the specific recognition of sperm mitochondria after fertilization. As an experimented researcher and teacher, he has a key role in the scientific life of the team as a guide and supervisor for colleagues and students.