i-Bio, for interdisciplinary research in biology: a retrospective of the first 18 months and perspectives

i-Bio invites you to a 2-hour meeting on Tuesday June 1, at 2pm, by video. On the menu, the outcome of the first 18 months of i-Bio existence and its future prospects.

With the participation of researchers supported by i-Bio: the 4 PhD students recruited in 2020, a team leader who will join IBPS in 2021, the PI of one of the interdisciplinary projects supported by i-Bio, the organizers of an upcoming scientific conference.

Beautiful science in perspective and discussion on the future of i-Bio!



More informations about i-Bio: http://ibio.sorbonne-universite.fr/

If you want to participate please contact: sciences-ibps-communication@sorbonne-universite.fr