Aquatic animal facility

The current IBPS aquatic facility is devoted to research on fish models, principally zebrafish, for scientists working in various domains including development, neuroscience, evolution and physiopathology.

The facility harbours an integrated system for about 4200 adult zebrafish (430 tanks) and a separate system for raising babies (60 tanks). It also maintains other species such as cichlids, polypterids and lungfish in lower numbers. The facility currently maintains, in addition to several wild type lines, more than 50 transgenic and mutant zebrafish lines. The facility is open to all IBPS groups and also to external laboratories, but has so far a limited capacity.

In early 2015, the facility will expand to increase the zebrafish capacity (up to 17 000 adult fish) and include other aquatic models: amphibians such as Xenopus Laevis, Xenopus Tropicalis, Pleurodeles, and also ascidians and amphioxus.

The aquatic facility belongs to the UPMC « Network for small animal phenotyping » (Réseau de phénotypage du petit animal-RPPA, IBISA platform).


Services offered by the facility

  • daily fish care
  • cleaning and maintenace of all the installations and aqueriums
  • setting up fish mating and embryo collection on users’ request
  • bleaching of embryons for sending zebrafish lines to external laboratories.
  • preparation of zebrafish embryo media and injection dishes
  • regular update of the database listing all the zebrafish lines and batches present in the facility.
  • maintenance of wild type, transgenic and mutant zebrafish lines : crosses, identification of mutants/transgenics by phenotype or fluorescence expression analysis.of embryos under the dissecting microscope
  • PCR genotyping of adult fish for zebrafish line maintenance