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Opening of Micro-Explo: Collaborative laboratory space

With the support of the CNRS Foundation and the DIM-ELICIT (Free2Morph Project), Micro-Explo, a new collaborative laboratory space dedicated to the exploration of control techniques, engineering and physico-chemical measurements of the cellular microenvironment is emerging at the LBD. The establishment of [...]


News - Congenital mirror movements are associated with defective polymerization of RAD51

So far, only a few mutations in the RAD51 gene, encoding a key protein in homologous recombination processes, have been associated with congenital mirror movement syndrome [...]


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News - Structure and dynamics of the photosynthetic SBPase

Among the regulations exerted on the SBPase, the redox modifications targeting the cysteines play a leading role. The detailed analysis of the molecular models revealed [...]


Farewell to Susanne Bolte, Head of the Imaging Facility - IBPS

Susanne Bolte passed away on Sunday May 21 in the evening. Her departure is a shock for all those who have had the privilege of working and interacting with her, and leaves a terrible void for her colleagues from the facilities and the federation with whom she had built bonds of trust and friendship.


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Meeting of the Cellular Proteolysis group of the SFBBM and COST PROTEOCURE - May 22 to 24, 2023

Bertrand Friguet and Chahrazade El Amri (B2A) are co-organizing a meeting from May 22 to 24, 2023 which will take place at Campus les Cordeliers. This gathering will be a joint meeting with [...]


Prizes and distinctions

ERC Consolidator Grant 2022 - PROMISE : Proteome diversification in evolution - An IBPS winner!

Elodie Laine, Sorbonne University lecturer in the LCQB's "Analytical Genomics" team, is the winner of the "ERC Consolidator Grant 2022" program for her PROMISE Project: Proteome diversification in evolution. This prestigious funding is granted by [...]


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News - Role of calcium channels in chronic pain

While 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain, therapies have limited effectiveness. Among the favored avenues of research are [...]


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Aftermovie - Fête de la Science 2022

Back in pictures on the IBPS stands during the 2022 edition of the Science Festival on the Sorbonne Université campus


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News - Environmental plasticizers and maternal behavior

Phthalates are very common plasticizers in the environment. Known for their anti-androgenic effects in males [...]


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News - The motility of glioblastoma cells depends on increased oxidative stress coupled with the mobilization of a sulfurtransferase

Glioblastoma is the most common and severe primary brain tumor, with aggressive dissemination of tumor cells