Conferences and Symposiums

IBPS Summer School on Endocrine Disruptors : August 25-31, 2019.

The IBPS organizes a summer school, intended mainly for doctoral students and post-docs, this summer school will be on the theme of endocrine disruptors. During 5 days, alternating lectures and practical work, participants will acquire a better approach and better visibility of research on endocrine disruptors.

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IBPS Summer School on Optical Biosensors

IBPS Summer School on Optical Biosensors : August 27th to September 2nd, 2017, Institute of Biology Paris-Seine, Paris.

The Institute of Biology Paris-Seine organizes an international summer school primarily targeted to PhD students and post-docs on the topic of optical biosensors. The participants will acquire theoretical and methodological knowledge for the use of optical biosensors, specifically for applications in neuroscience. By the end of this week of theoretical presentations and practical works, they will be able to define which is the best strategy for the use of biosensors to answer their own scientific questions, to select the adapted tools, to carry out the adequate experiments and to interpret these results.

IBPS International Symposium on Symbiosis

Symbiosis in evolution, biology and human health : March 15-17th, 2017, Paris, France.

Co-organized by the ICAN et the IBPS, this symposium will explore and analyze the different symbiosis modes known to date among several species (and specifically among humans), including how the symbiosis strategies and mechanisms have shaped the evolution, and how the various symbiotic organizations act on organisms functioning. The computational biology and modelling approaches which allowed a better understanding of symbiosis will also be presented.

IBPS Inaugural Symposium

IBPS Inaugural Symposium : October 14-16th, 2015, Paris, France.

Placed under the high patronage of Professor Jean Chambaz, President of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, and of Dr Catherine Jessus, Director of the Institut des Sciences Biologiques of the CNRS, it will start on the 14th late afternoon with an address by Mr Chambaz and Mrs Jessus, and will be followed by two inaugural conferences given by prestigious speakers. The 15th and 16th of October will alternate talks by invited speakers and IBPS Group Leaders.