Gene network architecture

We study the functioning and the evolution of genetic networks that control gene expression in yeast. 

The team has two main projects:

  • First, we use transcriptomics and ChIP-seq approaches to describe and analyze the response of the genome expression to toxic environmental conditions in pathogenic and non-pathogenic yeast species and in different strains from the same species. Our objective is to address general questions regarding the evolution of gene expression regulation and investigate the biodiversity of gene expression patterns and its correlation with the physiology and ecology of the corresponding species
  • Second, we use single molecule imaging techniques, proteomics and population genomics approaches to study the post-transcriptional networks controlling gene expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. More precisely, we address the question of specific translational controls and the concept of specialized ribosomes, and their relationships with the cell physiology.


  • Comparative transcriptomics and comparative functional genomics
  • Spatio-temporal regulation of genome expression
  • Phylogeny of transcriptomes versus phylogeny of genomes
  • Evolution of regulatory pathways at the inter- and intra-specific levels
  • Specific controls of mRNA translation and localization

Highlights and future directions

  • Description of the chemical stress response of 8 yeast species.
  • Discovery of a strong transcriptional repressor of nitric oxydase in pathogenic and non pathogenic yeasts, analysis of the intra and inter specific polymorphism of this regulation.
  • Set up of an original method for peak calling from ChIP-seq data

Characterization of a yeast protein of unknown function which specifies sub-populations of ribosomes involved in the regulation of defined sub-sets of mRNA


  • Institut Jacques Monod, Paris – Benoit Palancade
  • Institut Jacques Monod, Paris – Gaëlle Lelandais/ Jean-Michel Camadro
  • Institut Pasteur, Paris- Christophe D’enfert
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India– Rajendra prasad
  • ITQB, Oeiras, Portugal – Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada
  • Université de Minho, Braga, Portugal- Sandra Paiva
  • IBPS, Paris- Elodie Laine/Hughes Richard/Alessandra Carbone
  • IBPS, Paris- Stéphane Le Crom
  • IBPC, Paris- Josette Banroques/ Kyle Tanner
  • IBPC, Paris- Lionel Bénard/Claire Torchet