Prizes and distinctions

Research on P-Bodies rewarded

On June 5, 2018, Arnaud Hubstenberger received the prize “Les Grandes Avancées Françaises en Biologie” from the Académie des Sciences, for his work on P-Bodies in Dominique Weil's team, published in 2017 in Molecular Cell. [...]


Scientific news

New perspectives for the depression treatment

An international collaboration headed by Eleni Tzavara, within Bruno Giros' team, has identified the Elk-1 protein as a prognostic marker for depression resistant to conventional treatments. This result, published in Nature Medicine, was obtained by use of several complementary approaches [...]


Scientific news

Deciphering the mechanisms of absence epilepsy

Régis Lambert and Nathalie Leresche’s team1, in collaboration with Professor Vincenzo Crunelli’s laboratory (Cardiff University, UK) have just published an article in Nature Neuroscience on absence epilepsy, the most common form of pediatric epilepsy. [...]


Scientific news

Alzheimer: less functional synapses

The team of Stéphanie Daumas and Salah El-Mestikawy recently showed that the loss of cognitive capacity in patients with Alzheimer's disease is not due to synapses disappearing. [...]


Scientific news

Epigenetic and tumorigenicity

The team of Hervé Chneiweiss and Marie-Pierre Junier has just shown the key role that the ARNT2 transcription factor plays in the level of aggression of brain tumour cells. This was done by analysing chromatin epigenetic modifications. [...]


Scientific news

The P-bodies finally identifies within eukaryotic cells

Dominique Weil's team recently published in the Molecular Cell journal a pioneering study describing the purification and analysis of P-bodies (P for "processing"), which are droplets of RNA and proteins that condense in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells. [...]


Scientific news

The kinase Mps1 is required to generate oocytes with the correct chromosome count for fertilisation

Katja Wassmann's team at the IBPS recently published a study in Nature Communications in which they tried to gain a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying chromosome segregation among mammalian oocytes. [...]


Scientific news

New regulators of hematopoietic stem cells identified

Charles Durand and Thierry Jaffredo at the IBPS (UMR 7622) recently showed in The Journal of Cell Biology that stromal cells, known to regulate hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), secrete extracellular vesicles (EVs) specifically captured by HSCs. [...]


Scientific news

When exposure to phthalates disturbs mouse sexual communication

Sakina Mhaouty-Kodja's team at the Institute of Biology Paris-Seine published results in Environmental Health Perspectives showing that male adult mice chronically exposed to low doses of DEHP emit less ultrasonic vocalisations in the presence of sexually receptive females. [...]


Scientific news

A role for mechanics in the construction of neuronal circuits

In a study published in Nature Communications, Marie Breau, a IBPS researcher from Sylvie Schneider-Maunoury’s team, found out that the axons of the zebrafish olfactory sensory neurons, which establish connections with the brain, elongate through an original mechanism involving mechanical forces exerted on the neurons. [...]