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ARTBio, the IBPS Bioinformatics facility

The IBPS has its bioinformatics facility! Named ARTbio, it is managed by Christophe Antoniewski, who initiated the project.


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FMRP is essential to the plasticity of the olfactory bulb neurons


Scientific news

Estrogens and female puberty

By specifically deleting the gene encoding estrogen receptor ? (ER?) in the nervous system, Sakina Mhaouty-Kodja's team shows for the first time that this receptor is involved in the onset of puberty. These results were published in Human Molecular Genetics.


Job offers

Team leader position in Developmental Biology

The Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine (IBPS) is seeking to recruit up to two outstanding group leaders, to establish independent research programs in the Developmental Biology Unit while promoting interactions between various fields investigated at the IBPS. Research projects addressing any fundamental principles of development will be considered. [...]


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A better resolution in confocal microscopy

Recently, and through a collaboration between the Cellular Imaging Facility1 and the team « Development and Plasticity of Neural Networks »2 an outstanding axial resolution in confocal microscopy in thick sections of the mouse brain has been made possible. This is due to the use of new high refractive index mounting media and systematic deconvolution of confocal data.


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Understanding the molecular mechanism of drug addiction in humans

A recent study published in Molecular Psychiatry opens new perspectives for understanding the neural mechanisms underlying drug addiction in humans, and therefore for its treatment. This work was carried out by an international collaboration led by Salah El Mestikawy (3).


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BubR1 controls chromosome segregation in oocytes

The protein BubR1, an essential component of the spindle assembly checkpoint, is required for correct chromosome segregation in mouse oocytes, as recently published in Nature Communications by the team of Katja Wassmann.


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Tendon development markers

The first-ever list of genes involved in tendon formation during development was established by Delphine Duprez’s team and published in Development [...]


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Hnf1b, a key factor in pancreas formation.

Using a conditional deletion of the Hnf1b gene in mouse pancreatic cells, a study led by Cécile Haumaitre demonstrates the role of Hnf1b in pancreas development. The results are published in Development.


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Arglabine, a new molecule to fight cardiovascular diseases

The team of Mustapha Rouis and Bertrand Friguet1 has identified a new promising molecule to treat cardiovascular diseases, in collaboration with a German team from Ulm University. The data were published in Circulation. [...]