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Contrasting evolutionary dynamics between domesticated and wild yeasts

By using new technologies of long DNA molecules sequencing, a European consortium including two IBPS teams has defined for the first time the boundaries between chromosomal core and subtelomeric regions, and compared the evolutionary dynamics between domesticated and wild yeast species. [...]


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The IBPS involved in the creation of the FSSCR

The French Society for Stem Cells Research (FSSCR) has just been created. It aims at promoting stem cells research at both national and international levels, at fostering discussions within the French scientific community. [...]


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Two postdoctoral positions in Neurobiology are open at the IBPS: Huntington's disease (HD)

Two postdoctoral positions in Neurobiology are open in the « Compensation systems in neurodegenerative disease and ageing » (Brain-C) team, led by Dr Christian Neri in the Biological Adaptation and Ageing unit of the Institute of Biology Paris-Seine. [...]


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Postdoctoral position in Neuroscience: role of the GluD1 gene

A postdoctoral position is available in the department Neuroscience Paris-Seine in the Institute of Biology Paris-Seine (IBPS) under the supervision of Ludovic Tricoire, to study the role of GluD1, a gene associated with schizophrenia. [...]


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The forces that shape the embryo of C. elegans

Thanh Vuong-Brender, in Michel Labouesse’s team, has developed an experimental and interdisciplinary methodology combining physics and biology to study the mechanisms involved in the embryonic elongation of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. [...] 


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GABA metabolism modulates the aggressiveness of malignant glioma

A Neuroscience IBPS team led by Marie-Pierre Junier and Hervé Chneiweiss just showed on malignant glioma models that the accumulation of a metabolic by-product of GABA, one of the major neurotransmitters in the central nervous system, modifies the formation of epigenetic marks. [...]


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Postdoc position in Neuroscience

A post-doctoral position is available immediately in the Formation and Interaction of Neural Networks group led by Dr Elim Hong, in the department of Neuroscience Paris Seine, located at the Institute of Biology Paris-Seine in the Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, France. [...]


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Postdoctoral position in Mechanics of Neuronal Development

We are looking for a highly motivated young researcher, willing to join the Institute of Biology Paris-Seine for a postdoctoral position, in the Mechanics of Neuronal Development. The candidate will join an interdisciplinary environment involving strong interactions between biologists and physicists. [...]


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Multiscale co-evolution in and of proteins

Having a long-standing interest in the phenomenon of molecular coevolution in proteins, Martin Weigt’s team shows in PNAS how a technique called Direct-Coupling Analysis – initially developed by M. Weigt and coworkers to detect contacts between residues based on amino-acid sequences alone – can predict interactions between proteins on multiple scales. [...]


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mouseTube published in video

The mouseTube database launched in February 2015 by Nicolas Torquet (IBPS) and Élodie Ey (Pasteur Institute), has recently published results in an uncommon format: a video film! These results were indeed released in the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVe), which publishes video-only articles. [...]