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Aftermovie - Fête de la Science 2022

Back in pictures on the IBPS stands during the 2022 edition of the Science Festival on the Sorbonne Université campus


Scientific news

News - Environmental plasticizers and maternal behavior

Phthalates are very common plasticizers in the environment. Known for their anti-androgenic effects in males [...]


Scientific news

News - The motility of glioblastoma cells depends on increased oxidative stress coupled with the mobilization of a sulfurtransferase

Glioblastoma is the most common and severe primary brain tumor, with aggressive dissemination of tumor cells 



Prizes and distinctions

2022 results of the ERC Synergy Grant - The Jean Perrin Laboratory in the spotlight!

The ERC Synergy Grant annually finances ambitious and complex scientific projects with an allocation of 10 million euros for six years [...]


14th Biennal ISSS Conference

In July 2023, the 14th edition of the ISSS biennial conference will be held at Sorbonne University. Its objective is to promote research, education [...]


Scientific news

Even low doses of the endocrine disruptor DEHP alter tooth development

Some endocrine disruptors have already been associated with an alteration in the quality of tooth enamel. After having shown the effects of [...]


Scientific news

Asymmetrically localized Cyclin A controls the orientation of cell division

Agnès Audibert and her colleagues in Michel Gho's team (LBD) have shown that the Frizzled/Dishevelled complex, controlling the planar polarity of epithelia, recruits [...].


Job offers

Open position - Director of the Laboratory of Computational and Quantitative Biology LCQB

The Laboratory of Computational and Quantitative Biology (LCQB, at Sorbonne University in Paris, France, is searching for a new director who will take up his/her position on 01/01/2025. [...]


Job offers

Open position - Director of the new Sorbonne University Institute of Biology

An international call for applications has been launched for the position of director of the future Sorbonne University Institute of Biology. Send your CV and cover letter before September 15, 2022.


Prizes and distinctions

A crystal at IBPS !

The Crystal Medals awarded each year by the CNRS distinguish women and men, research support staff, who, through their creativity, have made a significant contribution to the [...]