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Asymmetrically localized Cyclin A controls the orientation of cell division

Agnès Audibert and her colleagues in Michel Gho's team (LBD) have shown that the Frizzled/Dishevelled complex, controlling the planar polarity of epithelia, recruits [...].


Job offers

Open position - Director of the Laboratory of Computational and Quantitative Biology LCQB

The Laboratory of Computational and Quantitative Biology (LCQB, at Sorbonne University in Paris, France, is searching for a new director who will take up his/her position on 01/01/2025. [...]


Job offers

Open position - Director of the new Sorbonne University Institute of Biology

An international call for applications has been launched for the position of director of the future Sorbonne University Institute of Biology. Send your CV and cover letter before September 15, 2022.


Prizes and distinctions

A crystal at IBPS !

The Crystal Medals awarded each year by the CNRS distinguish women and men, research support staff, who, through their creativity, have made a significant contribution to the [...]


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The order of precursor cell division impacts Drosophila behavior

Sophie Louvet and her colleagues in Michel Gho's team (LBD) have discovered that the precursor cells of Drosophila mechanosensory bristles divide in a temporal wave that propagates from the center of [...]


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A web server that explores the impact of alternative splicing

Does my favorite protein exist in several versions or isoforms? Are these isoforms the same in different species?


Scientific news

Cerebello-hippocampal dynamics during sleep: the role of "delta" oscillations

The cerebellum is well known to play a role in cognitive processes, including spatial navigation, by being functionally associated with brain networks and the hippocampus. The team of Laure Rondi-Reig (NPS) has performed recordings of the cerebellum [...]


Hydrodynamic flow and concentration gradients in the gut promote bacterial diversity

The human body is home to many and varied bacteria, the vast majority of which are found in the gut. These bacteria can mutate and evolve in the intestine, which is their natural environment. This can have significant implications for public health [...]


Listening and Mediation Unit

The IBPS is setting up a « Listening and Mediation Unit » for all. Its mission will be to improve the quality of life at work by offering a space for listening and internal mediation open to all at the IBPS. The Unit's functioning will be based on confidentiality, independence, and benevolence. [...]


Scientific news

A new therapeutic target to combat addiction?

Peter Vanhoutte and his collaborators have uncovered the molecular bases of this deleterious interplay between dopamine and glutamate. Their findings, published in Science Advances, pave the way for the development of new therapeutic strategies to treat addiction, and a wider spectrum of psychiatric disorders. [...]