Farewell to Susanne Bolte, Head of the Imaging Facility - IBPS

Susanne Bolte passed away on Sunday May 21 in the evening. Her departure is a shock for all those who have had the privilege of working and interacting with her, and leaves a terrible void for her colleagues from the facilities and the federation with whom she had built bonds of trust and friendship.

With great professionalism, unfailing energy, a very strong sense of organization and total dedication to her work and her colleagues, Susanne has brought the IBPS Imaging Facility to a very high level for the greatest benefit to our scientific community. But her activity was much broader than the scope of her facility. Susanne has played a structuring role as deputy head of the facility department since 2014 for which she has developed a real vision. She took on scientific responsibility for the LUMIC network at Sorbonne University and carried the application for the IBISA label obtained in 2018. Susanne was always ready to put her skills, creativity and energy at the service of the community and her colleagues.

Susanne fought as long as possible against the disease that took her and was still very present among us in the last few weeks. Her strength, her courage to overcome the disease and to show the best side of herself, until the very last days, arouses all our admiration. We already miss her presence, her dynamism, her smile and her joy of living.

All our thoughts go out to her family, her husband Christoph, her son Jan et her parents.