Bruno Cauli

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Bruno Cauli
Bruno Cauli defended his PhD thesis in 2000 on the diversity of cortical interneurons.
He became CNRS researcher in 2001 at ESPCI Paris as staff scientist and then as leader of the team “Adaptative Physiology of Neocortical Interneurons”.
He is now heading a group of 12 on the theme “Cortical Network and Neurovascular Coupling” with Bertrand Lambolez as co-director.
Bruno Cauli received the CNRS bronze medal and "Human Frontier Science Program Young Invesigator award” in 2007 for his contribution to the classification of cortical interneurons and for showing the role of GABAergic neurons in neurovascular coupling.
His current research focuses on the physiopathology of neurovascular and neurometabolic coupling in the cerebral cortex.