Ludovic Tricoire

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testMy PhD, obtained in 2006, dealt with the calcium sensitivity of the bioluminescent photoprotein aequorin and its use as activity reporter in neuronal networks. I developed several imaging approaches allowing monitoring neuromodulatory pathway in neuron of acute slices using real time imaging of genetically encoded biosensor. I received three PhD awards (ParisTech, Pierre Langlois and Chancellerie des universities de Paris) and was co inventors in a patent about aequorin mutant with improved stability. During my postdoctoral period (2007-2010) in Chris McBain’s lab at NIH, I acquired a strong knowledge in electrophysiology, plasticity and conditional genetic tools and show that distinct hippocampal interneurons subpopulations exhibit distinct embryonic origins. I also contributed to determine the expression pattern of the neuregulin receptor ErbB4 which is genetically linked to schizophrenia in human patients.

In 2011, I have been appointed staff scientist (CR2, equivalent to assistant professor) at the centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) in Bertrand Lambolez and Bruno Cauli’s lab in the CNRS-UPMC unit UMR7102 (now unit CNRS-UPMC-INSERM UMR8246). Since 2010, I developed a new thematic axis about the role of the delta family of glutamate receptor (GluD1 and GluD2) based on combination of electrophysiology, transgenic mouse line, optogenetics and viral gene transfer. Currently my main research focus is to understand the role of GluD subunit in the slow glutamatergic synaptic transmission.