François Tronche

  • Address Cassan, bâtiment B, étage 2, porte 208, case courrier 2, 7 quai Saint Bernard, 75 252 PARIS CEDEX
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François Tronche, DR1 CNRS, has been working on different aspects of gene expression. During his PhD (1992, Pasteur Institute) and following his tenured at the CNRS (1992, Pasteur Institute), he studied the determinants of tissue specific gene expression. On leave from the CNRS, he joined the DKFZ (1995, Heidelberg) where he pioneered the development of molecular genetics to obtain conditional gene inactivation in mouse (Cre/loxP system) and published the first conditional mutation of a transcription factor. He started his research group in 2001 as an ATIP team at the Collège de France, where he directed the UMR7148 (2001-2008) and joined the UPMC in 2009. He chaired the scientific board of the Institut des Sciences Biologiques du CNRS (2010-2014). He is member of the scientific board of the CNRS and of the board of the Société des Neurosciences.