Research on P-Bodies rewarded

On June 5, 2018, Arnaud Hubstenberger received the prize “Les Grandes Avancées Françaises en Biologie” from the Académie des Sciences, for his work on P-Bodies in Dominique Weil's team1, published in 2017 in Molecular Cell2.

These results represent an important advance in the characterization of RNA granules and their functions, as well as in the mechanisms of adaptation of eukaryotic cells to environmental variations.

This work is the subject of a news item on the IBPS website, a brief on the INSB website, a "highlight" in the Molecular Cell journal and a review article in the Trends in Genetics journal.

Each year, six young researchers/first authors who have contributed to the advancement of biology in France are awarded this prize by the French Académie des Sciences.


1. Equipe Compartimentation et Trafic intracellulaire des mRNP (UMR 7622)

2. P-body purification reveals the condensation of repress mRNA regulonsMolecular Cell, 2017. 

3. Présentation par les chercheurs de leurs résultats le jour de la remise des prix :

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