The LCQB proposes PhyloSofS, the first automated tool to reconstruct plausible evolutionary scenarios explaining a set of observed transcripts, and to generate 3D molecular models of the protein isoforms. We apply it to the JNK family (60 transcripts, 7 trees) to identify Alternative splicing events of ancient origin and relate their functional outcome with changes in the protein dynamics. They also show that PhyloSofS can help identify new potential therapeutic targets.


Adel Ait-hamlat, Diego Javier Zea, Antoine Labeeuw, Lélia Polit, Hugues Richard, Elodie Laine. Transcripts’ Evolutionary History and Structural Dynamics Give Mechanistic Insights into the Functional Diversity of the JNK Family. Journal of Molecular Biology, Volume 432, Issue 7, 2020, Pages 2121-2140, ISSN 0022-2836,