Peter Vanhoutte

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Peter Vanhoutte (DR1-CNRS)

Lab. Neurosciences Paris-Seine


Team leader: Neuronal Signaling and Gene Regulations

Sorbonne Université, Paris


-2009: Habilitation for research supervision (HDR); Université Pierre & Marie Curie (UPMC).

-2000: PhD in Neuroscience; UPMC.

-1996: DEA in Neuroscience; UPMC


2022-present: DR1-CNRS head of the SNRG team; Lab Neuroscience Paris-Seine CNRS/UMR8246; INSERM/UMRS1130; Sorbonne University (SU; head: Dr H.Chneiweiss).

-2014-2022: DR2-CNRS co-head of the SNRG team with Dr J.Caboche; Lab Neuroscience Paris-Seine CNRS/UMR8246; INSERM/UMRS1130; Sorbonne University (SU; head: Dr H.Chneiweiss).

-2010-2013: CR1-CNRS co-head of the team “Signalisation intracellulaire et Neuroadaptations” with Dr J.Caboche; CNRS/UMR7224; INSERM/UMRS952; UPMC (head: Dr B.Giros)

-2003-2009: CR2/CR1-CNRS in the team « Signalisation Neuronale & Régulations Géniques » headed by Dr J.Caboche ; UMR 7102 ; UPMC – Paris VI ; head : Dr J.Mariani).

-2001-2003: Post-doctoral fellow: Medical Research Council de Cambridge (UK) and department of Neuroscience of Heidelberg University (head Dr H.Bading).

Teaching Activities/ PhD supervision

-2018-2022: Supervision of 4 PhD students. Two of them defended their PhD, one of them is the recipient of a PhD prize from the “Académie Nationale de Pharmacie”.

-2020-present: Co-head, with Pr S.Betuing, of the M2 program “Neuroscience of Psychiatric disorders” at SU and co-organizer/lecturer of the mandatory training unit of this program.

-2015-2019: Lecturer on “Molecular basis of memory” for M2 students at SU.

-Member of the pedagogic team of the doctoral school “Cerveau, Cognition, & Comportement”.

-Regular member of the scientific advisory board of the doctoral school “Biosigne”; Paris-Saclay.

Reviewing activities/Commissions of trust

-Editor at Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience.

-Associate editor at Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience.

-Reviewer (?3/month) for Biol.Psychiatry,Sci.Rep., Neurobiol. Dis., Neuropharmacology Neurosciences, Mol. Cell. Neurosci., Mol. Basis of Dis. etc…

-Regular grant reviewing for ANR; FRC, FRM, Fundacao para a Ciencia e a tecnologia etc…

-2020-present: Member of the executive board of the i-Bio initiative; IDEX SU.

-Regular member of evaluation panels for “Awards for research” at SU.

-Regular member of PhD/HDR juries as referee, examiner or president (?4/year).